"We have alpaca fleece, yarn, scarves, socks, gloves, and Teddy Bears for sale."

Here's your invitation to come to the charming foothills of the Catoctin Mountains to see our beautiful Alpacas! We were the first breeders in Frederick County, Maryland, beginning in March 1996, and we are proud of our growing herd of 25 - 30 Huacaya alpacas in a wide range of many colors. Each Autumn and Spring, a new crop of crias lend "bounce" to the season as they cavort on the hillside pastures of our new farm called Chestnut Hill.

Our herd sires come in many colors from white to black, light fawn to dark brown and even a black and white pinto. From these, you will see gray, rose-gray, black, bay black, brown & white "fancy", medium fawn and other shades of brown & fawn alpacas sure to fill your color needs for your herd. For the last two breeding seasons, our males have produced many more females than males…about a two to one ratio…and the fall of 2003 gave us all female crias.

Brookmere Alpacas offers mobile mating. Our herd sires will come to your farm if within reasonable distances so that no longer will you have to send that gorgeous cria and mom away…and you can enjoy their presence at your farm! Our rates are reasonable and come with a complete live-birth guarantee. If you are just starting your new herd…this is the way to improve the genetics of your alpacas without stud ownership…and with the pleasure of full time companionship with your treasured alpaca moms and their crias! Please contact us for full details about this exciting opportunity for your herd.

If you don't yet have alpacas…or space to raise them, see us about "agisting" (or boarding) your animals with our herd. Lots of grass, shade and companionship for your alpacas until you can take over the care of your animals on your own land. Even if that day never comes, you can still enjoy the pleasures of owning your very own alpacas by agisting with Brookmere Alpacas. We offer experience you can trust, very reasonable rates, on-call experienced veterinarians and full time care by folks who love alpacas. We are proud to be active members of the Maryland Alpaca Breeders Association, the Mid Atlantic Alpacas Breeders Association, the national Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association, and the Alpaca Registry, Inc.

We welcome visitors and we will be happy to share with you free practical tips and lessons-learned with a no-nonsense, no pressure approach to alpaca ownership. We want to help you with your decision making, just as so many fine breeders helped us when we began our research years ago. This is a great industry with excellent profit potential! Come visit us, hug an alpaca, learn about the many joys of alpaca ownership…America's finest livestock investment. There is no obligation, no pressure and it's lots of fun! Please call us for an appointment for a wonderful new way of life!

Sue Ann and Heinz Wilms